iPhone-12 IPhone Pros / Cons / features


iPhone has launched their new phone iPhone-12 series on 13 October 2020 , iPhone 12 have 6.10 inch touchscreen display with 1170 x 2532 pixels of resolution at a density of 460 pixels per inch (ppi) .The dimensions of the mobile are 146.70mm x 71.50mm x 7.40mm and weight around 164 grams. The color variants are black, green, red, blue and white color at a starting price of Rs79,900 . It comes with 12 MP front camera and 12+12+12MP rear camera with storage of 64 GB . It`s os is IOS 14 . It support 5G sim it is powered by apple A-14 chip set which will be one of the fastest in the world of mobile .

iPhone 12 mini

It come with a 5.4 inch screen it will price about Rs69,900. The iPhone 12 mini will be available with 64GB, 128GB, 256GB storage. It feature is almost similar to other iPhone 12 variant but it`s pre order will start from 6 November.

iPhone12 IPhone Pro ,IPhone Pro MAX

iPhone12 IPhone Pro will be available from 30 October and IPhone Pro MAX will be available from 6 November .

iPhone 12 IPhone Pro size will be 6.1 inch where IPhone Pro MAX will be having 6.7 inch screen .IPhone Pro MAX with color blue ,gold ,silver and graphite . IPhone Pro will be coming with 52mm focal length where IPhone Pro MAX will come with 65mm focal length.

Good and bad and price


The iphone 12 any variant will not be having any charger in box it self if u have used any other iphone phone you can use that charger or buy charger for iphone 12.
In the box there will also be no earphone .


New iphone will be coming with wireless charging or apple says that macksafe which will charge the phone with 15 w and it will be in many colors .


iPhone-12PriceBuy link
iphone 12 mini 64GB - 128GB - 286GBRs 47,900 - Rs 52,900 - Rs 62,900 (on trade-in)Buying link
iphone 12 64GB - 128GB - 286GBRs 79,900 - Rs 84,900 - Rs 94,900Buying link
iphone 12 PRO 128GB - 286GB - 512GBRs 119,900 - Rs 129,900 - Rs 149,900Buying link
iphone 12 PRO MAX 128GB - 286GB - 512GBRs 129,900 - Rs 139,900 - Rs 159,900Buying link